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It’s all about the food.


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    OPRAH'S FAVORITE THINGS... Cheese Boards, page 88   As Oprah says in the December issue...
    2017-11-14 23:41:00
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    W O W ! ! !        ...
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    DESIGN DESTINATION... One Sweet Life, 28 pages   {{widget type="catalog/product_widget_li...
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    2016-11-03 14:42:00
  • Altanta Homes & Lifestyles

    HOMES... Art Deco Revival, page 84 Bowl No. "One Hundred Twelve" Colander No. "One Hundred Eigh...
    2016-08-01 16:14:00
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    2015-12-20 15:42:00
  • Home Accents Today

    PAIRINGS... Gold, page 66 Dinner Plate No. "Two Hundred and Three", Small   {{widget typ...
    2015-12-20 10:10:00
  • Home Accents Today

    PORTFOLIO... Neutral Ground, page 46 Platform No. "Two Hundred Ninety One"   {{widget t...
    2015-08-01 09:10:00

Our Story

Montes Doggett has its roots in Mexico, where owner Monica Porter grew up. Her mother, who frequently hosted formal dinners and had an eye for simple and elegant settings, would whisper in Monica’s ear: “You should be the one setting the table. You do it so tastefully and beautifully.” Those early words – combined with stories shared over a meal – ignited a passion in Monica for table settings, entertaining and food.