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It’s all about the food.


Minimum opening order is $1,000.00. We accept Visa, MC, American Express and Discover. Net Terms may be offered pending credit review. All orders are subject to Montes Doggett’s approval. Please note this minimum will need to be met again if a re-order has not been placed in the last 9 months, re-order minimum is $300.00

Prices are FOB Greensboro, NC

Once placed, all orders are considered final and may not be cancelled after 10 days. Cancellations must be confirmed in writing by Montes Doggett.

All sales are final. We take pride in the quality of our merchandise and satisfaction of our customers. Your order will be carefully processed and packed. All claims for shortages and/or breakage must be made within 5 days of receipt of merchandise. Shipping Charges are not refundable. No returns without written authorization from Montes Doggett. 25% re-stocking fees plus shipping will be charged on all returns or refused shipments.

Please keep in mind that our products are made by hand. Slight variations should be expected.



Montes Doggett has adopted this Policy applicable to all Montes Doggett customers effective June 1, 2013 with respect to the customers’ advertising over the Internet of products supplied by Montes Doggett.

1. Each Montes Doggett customer remains free to establish its own resale prices. However, a customer may not (a) advertise or otherwise promote Montes Doggett products over the Internet at a net price (final price paid net of any discounts, coupons, promotions) that is less than the Internet Minimum Advertised Price (IMAP) established by Montes Doggett or (b) sell Montes Doggett products to any other person who advertises or otherwise promotes Montes Doggett products over the Internet at a net price less than the IMAP established by Montes Doggett.

IMAP is Montes Doggett's Wholesale Price x 2.3

Wholesale Price = $100
IMAP = $230

2. If a customer violates this IMAP policy, Montes Doggett will request the customer to cease advertising or promoting products on the Internet in violation of its IMAP policy. In addition, Montes Doggett will cease to accept from and/or ship orders for said customer.

3. In executing this policy, Montes Doggett will act at all times unilaterally, and will neither solicit, consider nor agree to any recommendation, request or demand of any other person. All matters of interpretation and application of the terms of this policy and all matters concerning enforcement of this policy shall remain with the sole, unilateral authority of Montes Doggett.

Each Montes Doggett customer is free to decide independently whether or not to follow this policy. Montes Doggett neither seeks, nor will accept, any assurance of compliance or agreement from a customer regarding this policy. Nor will Montes Doggett discuss any conditions of acceptance related to this policy. No one is, has been or will be authorized to modify or alter this policy, or to bind Montes Doggett to any action inconsistent with its terms.